Technology Services

Allied Consultants, Inc. provides the following primary services through both staffing contracts and deliverables-based contracts:

Legacy Modernization

Technology is ever-changing. The immense growth of online transactions and digital content within enterprises has created increasing challenges for legacy systems and technology infrastructures to maintain and support. Since 2009, Allied Consultants has played a critical role in some of the largest public sector modernization efforts in the United States and created robust online applications for expansive pension, registration, financial and portfolio management systems.

Data Management

In today’s digital world, quality data is an increasingly critical business asset, one that can shape the future direction and success of an organization. Effective data management is a strategic imperative to stay competitive and to realize the benefits of new technology trends. Allied’s data management experts and data migration developers devise strategies and processes that enhance data accessibility, timeliness and reliability.

Legacy System Support

Technology may evolve, but many organizations still need to rely on legacy server systems due to the substantial time and cost it takes to replace them. Allied provides a complete range of services to help our clients obtain the maximum value from their existing systems. Our extensive experience in the cost-effective enhancement and sustainment of legacy applications enables us to help organizations with both short-term and long-term requirements.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Today’s ERP solutions provide organizations with a range of financial and human capital management functionality based on the best practices of organizations across the world. These solutions allow for new administrative processes, added speed, improved data quality and valuable insights into current operations. Allied’s strong background in industry-leading ERP offerings has honed our expertise in the rapid assessment, fit/gap analysis and implementation of new solutions.