We will weather the storm with you.

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Allied Consultants Inc. (Allied) is a Texas-based information technology firm that provides a broad range of solutions integration and management consulting services.

With 25 years of experience, our successful record assures clients that Allied is their best partner for addressing organizational needs and challenges through IT staffing and project-based services.   

At the core of our business practices, we assist organizations in the planning, implementation, maintenance and modernization of IT applications and complex administrative systems. (And we help our clients best weather unexpected storms when they pop-up.) 

Since 1991, more than 70 public sector and commercial customers have relied on Allied's experience and expertise to maximize their investment in technology and provide services directly aligned with their unique needs.

Allied offers the largest combined group of employees, teaming partners and network of IT professionals based in Austin, encompassing hundreds of business and technology specialists who have extensive experience in web-based technology solutions, industry-leading application development and server environments, and all legacy system tools and languages.

We are committed to empowering our employees and furthering their career goals, and we maintain employment policies and a work environment that encourages growth and loyalty. Looking at the quality of our staff in terms of their experience and professionalism, Allied has earned its reputation for attracting IT and business professionals that are committed to integrity, excellence and delivering skillful performance and energy while adapting to any client environment and culture. 


Allied’s senior team assists customers with the transformation and creation of using new tools, methods, and frameworks that ultimately achieve greater customer satisfaction. In addition to adopting COTS applications, Allied specializes in the customization and implementation of ERP software (Oracle and PeopleSoft), Business Intelligence Tools, Modernization, Legacy System Support, Data Management, and customized e-Business solutions for enforcement, grants, licensing and registration needs.

Whether planning new technology architecture, creating e-Business solutions, implementing enterprise resource planning, or sustaining and/or modernizing legacy systems, discover how Allied can provide you with the people, processes, and technologies to ensure that you'll achieve the best end product.