DIR Rate Card Services


For more information visit the DIR Contract Number DIR-MAS-SCP-RCR-001.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has established MAS Rate Card as a new services tower to the State of Texas' Statewide Technology Center (STC) program. Rate Card is a new contract vehicle for Data Center Services (DCS) agencies to obtain resources for application remediation and transformation as well as ongoing long-term application maintenance for DCS hosted applications. Rate Card resources are intended to augment services for applications hosted within the DCS infrastructure and leverage the maturity, experience and organizational disciplines of the DCS program. Staffing resources can be requested through the DCS Service Catalog on the DCS Portal: an agency submits a Request for Solution (RFS) that will generate a work order to Allied Consultants Inc. who will provide a resource proposal & pricing, and the delivery of the resource(s) upon approval by the DCS customer.

Rate Card Service Provider
DIR has selected Allied Consultants Inc. (Allied) as the Rate Card service provider. For the past 25 years Allied has been the largest provider of information technology staffing services for Texas agencies, higher education institutions, local government and quasi government entities. Since 1991, more than 60 public sector customers have relied on Allied's experience and expertise to maximize their investment in technology and provide services directly aligned with their unique needs:

  • Allied has performed application development, maintenance and support for over 40 Texas state agencies across various technical infrastructures. 
  • Allied has consistently been one of the largest providers of staffing services under DIR Master Staffing Contracts since 1998.
  • Allied offers the largest combined group of Texas state government-experienced consultants, teaming partners and network of IT professionals based in Austin. 
  • Headquartered in Austin, Allied ensures direct executive oversight and account management, and the ability to act quickly on customer needs and requests
  • Whether planning new technology architecture, creating e-Business solutions, implementing enterprise resource planning, or sustaining and/or modernizing legacy systems, Allied provides the people, processes, and technologies to ensure that clients achieve the best end product.

Rate Card Service Offerings
For DCS hosted applications, Rate Card offers 37 different resource roles under 11 labor categories that encompass all aspects of IT application development, maintenance and support. In addition to remediation, modernization, refactoring and overall sourcing of system maintenance for legacy systems, Rate Card can be used to service the implementation of COTS applications, the customization and implementation of ERP software (including CAPPS), the development of business intelligence applications, performing data management, the expansion of accessibility standards and guidelines and the implementation of customized e-Business solutions for enforcement, grants, licensing, and registration needs. In addition to enabling the timely sourcing of resources, Rate Card also offers the flexibility to support DCS application projects with fluctuating and phase-based staffing needs.