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  Business and government organizations' processes are changing in response to a need to increase revenues and decrease expenditures while continuing to deliver a high level of services and products. Exploiting today's newest technologies will help support these improvements, if implemented the right way.

At the core of our business since 1991, Allied Consultants, Inc. (ACI) has a Technical Development practice that assists clients with overcoming the challenges of selecting platforms, development tools and repositories; as well as supplying technical professionals to meet our clients' application development and maintenance requirements. The Technical Development group is made up of experienced technologists who have gained their knowledge from years of working in the industry. These technologists quickly integrate themselves into customers' project teams, learning the business processes of the enterprise and providing immediate benefit to the project team. Specifically, the technical services group performs software development, data design and administration, functional analysis, technical analysis, application development, and system testing.

Powerful computer applications continue to be maintained to support the complex high transaction and data intensive business needs of our clients. ACI's team of technology specialists have extensive experience and expertise in all legacy system tools and languages. Our mainframe design and development teams are currently supporting our customers' large computer applications, which are predominately developed in COBOL or NATURAL. These systems are the foundation of many customer's business operations and they realize significant benefit from the expertise of our legacy system specialists.

The extensive experience ACI has gained in developing and supporting large complex mainframe systems is complemented by our expertise in developing web applications, which is one of the fastest growing segments of our business. We help our customers transform and create web-based technology solutions using new tools, methods and frameworks that streamline their business operations, reducing cost and achieving greater customer satisfaction. ACI offers enterprise-class solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework, WebSphere and J2EE/Java technologies. Our Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, Developers and Software Quality Specialist's depth in these and other technologies bring great value and reduced risk for our client's critical next generation solutions.

ACI is leading the future with the rapid improvements in technology and continually succeeds in helping our customers implement the best solutions at the right time, and meeting the challenges of today's dynamic marketplace. Ask us now to confirm how our solutions and resources can help you today.

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